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AC5JC Weather: Waco, TX

93.2°F – 2 mph SSW
Wed, Jul 17 1:57 PM
Heat Index 98.6°F

Sunrise: 6:36 AM • Sunset: 8:34 PM
Moon: 100% Full 

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Thanks to KWTX    ( 17 Jul 2019 12:05 pm)
kwtx logo Near-Normal Heat Expected Through Monday

From Sean Bellafiore:

The triple-digits still seem to be staying away from Central Texas for the time-being, but each day for the rest of the work week and the weekend will feature temperatures within 3° of the proverbial century mark. Nearly all Central Texas cities and towns will see double-digit high temperatures, but it's not impossible for a few cities to briefly reach 100°. Today's forecast calls for highs in the mid/upper 90s with a heat index between 101° and 107°. The highest heat index values are expected along and east of I-35. We'll see mostly sunny skies today too after we get rid of a few morning clouds.

The forecast won't change much through the rest of the work week and into the weekend. Morning temperatures start out in the mid 70s with a few clouds. The clouds will give way to abundant afternoon sunshine and hot temperatures. Highs climb into the mid/upper 90s Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Although temperatures remain consistent, we're expecting humidity to be a bit lower during the afternoon this weekend. Heat index values top our near 105° Thursday and Friday but may only max out at 102° Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.

Good news, everyone! Forecast model data continues to show signs of a big shift in the weather pattern next week across the United States that'll provide potential both rain and cooler temperatures to Central Texas. The ridge of high pressure that'll build near our area this weekend will build even more over the Rockies early next week. With the ridge extending into Canada, a trough of low pressure and a surface cold front will dive into the Central and Eastern U.S. Most of the rain and cooler weather will be focused on the eastern third of the country, but the cold front should still be able to creep into Central Texas next Tuesday. Right now, the front looks likely to arrive in the middle of the day, capping highs in the mid 90s. We'll have a 30% chance of seeing rain from this system, but as we get better model data in over the coming days, the rain chances will likely need to be raised. Some lingering rain is possible Wednesday too when temperatures may only reach the low 90s.

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