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AC5JC Weather: Waco, TX

41.7°F – @ 0.0 mph
Sun, Jan 20, 2019   7:39 PM

Sunrise: 7:27 AM • Sunset: 5:53 PM
Moon: 100% Full Moon 

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Raspberry Pi serving my weather station

(180° = South)
Detailed Summaries:
Thanks to KWTX    ( 20 Jan 2019 07:00 pm)
kwtx logo Warming Up To Start The Week

It’ll be a cold start this morning with wind chills in the mid to upper teens. However, the sunshine will greet us and will help get us out of those cold conditions quickly. Winds will also be much more calm today, so the sunshine will be able to help us out more, bringing highs to around 50° during the afternoon. Skies will stay clear through the night, so you’ll have no problem seeing the eclipse at night. We’ll get into the low 60’s with sunny skies for MLK Day, with some rain moving through on Tuesday

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National Temperature Map
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