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AC5JC Weather: Waco, TX

59.2°F – @ 0.0 mph
Tue   2018-03-20   8:27 PM

Sunrise: 06:33 • Sunset: 18:38
Moon: 10% Waxing 

HI: 75
LO: 42
HI: 78
LO: 48
Partly Cloudy
HI: 82
LO: 58
Partly Cloudy
HI: 85
LO: 65
HI: 85
LO: 65
HI: 78
LO: 65
HI: 75
LO: 60

Raspberry Pi serving my weather station

Temperature (°F)
Wind Speed (mph)
Wind Direction (180° = South)
Thanks to KWTX    ( 20 Mar 2018 08:00 pm)
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From Rusty Garrett:

Central Texas will be treated to quiet weather for the remainder of the work week. Although rain and thunderstorms won't be a problem for the next few afternoons, you'll certainly notice an increase in the temperature and humidity values.

Winds will subside Tuesday evening and go calm overnight. With calm winds and clear skies, lows will drop into the lower 40s for most of the area. Despite the cold start Wednesday, southerly winds will increase during the day, gusting to near 20 MPH, helping to pull heat back into the atmosphere. Highs Wednesday will climb above average into the lower and middle 70s under mostly sunny skies.

Humidity values will begin to creep up Thursday through Sunday as southerly winds will be persistent. With the extra humidity returning, morning lows Thursday will only drop into the lower 50s. Afternoon highs Thursday, under partly cloudy skies, should flirt with 80°. Rain chances aren't in the forecast Friday or Saturday, but the rain chances will begin to creep up Sunday.

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