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AC5JC Weather: Waco, TX

34.8°F – 9 mph WNW
Mon, Nov 11 6:57 PM
Wind Chill 27.5°F
Rainfall: 0.02 in. today

Sunrise: 6:53 AM • Sunset: 5:31 PM
Moon: 98% Full 

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Thanks to KWTX    ( 11 Nov 2019 06:05 pm)
kwtx logo Cold, Wet, Windy Tonight

From Brady Taylor:

A strong cold front moved through around lunchtime on Monday bringing in much colder air, strong northerly winds, and light showers into Central Texas. In fact, we will have Wind Advisory in effect through 6 AM Tuesday. Winds of 20 to 30 MPH with gusts to 40 MPH can be expected across much of the area. This means it will be a cold and windy night and when you factor together the winds and the cold, we will have “feels like” temperatures in the teens during the overnight hours. We're also keeping an eye on some rain that could continue into the overnight hours. As temperatures drop below freezing, some of that light rain could turn into sleet. Accumulations of winter precipitation are not expected since the ground is still warm.

Winter-like temperatures are expected Tuesday and Tuesday night even with the sun returning tomorrow. Breezy winds will make it feel about 10 degrees cooler.

Temperatures will be noticeably "warmer" on Wednesday and will continue to slowly rise for the remainder of the week, even with two more cold fronts moving through Central Texas – one on Thursday and one Sunday into Monday.

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