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Mon   2018-07-23   2:15 AM

Sunrise: 05:42 • Sunset: 19:27
Moon: 85% Waxing 

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Thanks to KWTX    ( 23 Jul 2018 02:00 am)
kwtx logo More Record Heat Monday, 'Cooler' Temperatures Tuesday

From Sean Bellafiore:

The high temperature of 109° at the Waco Airport Sunday marks the 6th day in a row of 105°+ temperatures and record-setting temperatures. We're all sick and tired of the record-heat and Monday will likely be the last day with record challenging heat before a weak cold front moves through to turn off the oppressive heat. Overnight temperatures into Monday morning will drop into the middle and upper 70s with a few low 80s north of Highway 84. Skies tonight will be mostly clear, but a few clouds may move through periodically too.

Temperatures Monday will again be dangerously hot, ranging from 101° to near 110° with a few clouds moving through during the day. Monday's high of 107° should, at a minimum, be tied, marking the 7th day in a row with record-setting high temperatures. Excessive Heat Warnings remain in place area wide Monday due to the lingering dangerous heat, but Monday will be the last day of the excessive heat warning since a cold front will slowly creep across the area Monday night.

Monday night's front will bring with it a few clouds but it may also spark a few isolated showers or rumbles of thunder. Unfortunately, most will stay dry, but a low 20% chance of rain Monday night will carry over into the day Tuesday. Unfortunately, most will stay dry, but temperatures will be noticeably cooler. Highs will range from 97° to 102° with partly cloudy skies moving through during the day. Heat index values will creep up a bit and it could feel as hot as 105° during the day.

Rain chances drop out of the forecast for the remainder of the week into the next weekend. High temperatures will range from 98° to 104° Wednesday through Friday with highs dropping a bit Saturday and Sunday when highs should hover close to 100°. We're in need for some rain across Central Texas and we may get a halfway decent chance at showers at thunderstorms with an arriving front early next week. Right now, the best rain chances seem to come Monday, but we could see rain as early as next Sunday evening.

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